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Name:Mr. Surjanto [Marketing]
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Registration Date:Mar. 18, 2010
Last Updated:Nov. 22, 2012
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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PT Wadin Pertiwi establish since 1973 formally known as PT Wanson Indonesia sole agent for WANSON Industries Product for Indonesia. We also become an Sole Agent For HOVAL SWISS product.

Today PT Wadin Pertiwi have 2 Divison:
Heating Technology Division
Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Division

PT. Wadin Pertiwi Heating Technology Divison For more than 38 years was supplied the Industrial field and Commercial Property with Thermal product
Our Heating Technology Division Product have Many Product brand such us: WANSON, HOVAL, WADIN, With Range Of Product as follow:
Fire Tube Steam Boiler, Water Tube Steam Boiler, High Pressure Steam Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater, Hot Water Boiler, Heat Pump Air to Water, Heatpump Water To Water, Storage Heatpump, Flat Solar Panel, Vacuum Tube Solar Panel, Gas Heater, Modul Calorifier, Storage Electric Heater, Storage Gas Heater, Condensing boiler, Thermocondensor, Gas/ Light Fuel Burner, Water Softener, Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Plant

Our Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Division was appointed as a sole Agent For Aertecnica Product. Our centralized Vacuum Cleaning Producat was Installed In Many Exclusive Private House, Office., Etc

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